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Wie finde ich die relevante DRG raus?

Im Fallpauschalenkatalog findet man nicht den Zusammenhang von OPS-Codes und DRGs heraus, sondern nur wie hoch die DRGs sind. Mit der Software der InEK kann man z.B. folgendes herausfinden: Erklärung von ICD, OPS und DRG Code anhand eines Beispiels: ICD-Code: Patient hat einen Nierenstein OPS Code: mit einem Gerät zertrümmere ich Nierenstein DRG Code: wie …

Wo finde ich die Höhe von DRG Fallpauschalen?

Link zum Fallpauschalenkatalog 2023

List of KHZG player on the German market

krankenhaus-it.de created an overview of KHZG players in the German market. Find the list of players for each „Fördertatbestand“ here

Notified Bodies for medical devices in Europe

Here you can find a list of notified bodies in Europe: For the list click here

List of QM/RA consultancies DACH/GSA

There are numerous QM (Quality Management) and RA (Regulatory Affairs) consultancies that assist medical device companies with the implementation of ISO standards such as ISO 13485, reimbursement issues, technical documentation, PSM (Post Market Surveillance) and much more:

List of medical device development companies DACH/GSA

There are numerous companies that specialise in developing medical devices. For start-ups in particular, such partners are experienced experts who know how to develop a medical device. Nevertheless, a lot of knowledge is required in the start-up itself; it is not possible to simply outsource the development, you have to know yourself what exactly you …